Taste the Greenway farms difference

At Greenway Farms, a carrot is not a mere vegetable. It’s a vegetable we’re extremely passionate about. When it comes to South Africa’s favourite carrots, only the best carrots will do and we work hard to ensure our Rugani carrots meet our very high standards.

24-hour carrot care

Our dedicated team works round the clock to prepare our land to the best possible standards even before a seed is planted. We believe it’s only by working with nature, not against it that you reap the crème of the carrot crop to produce Africa’s favourite carrot.

Micro-managing every detail

Even the tiniest detail makes a difference to our Rugani carrots. We promote the micro life in our soils and do everything we can to protect the micro fauna and flora on our farms. We work from the ground up with our own enriched organic compost, which nurtures our carrots as they take seed and grow.

Taste the difference in Rugani, South Africa’s favourite carrots

By going the “green” way we’re assured the very best nutritional content in our carrots. We give our best to grow the best carrots in South Africa. The end result? Well our customers tell us they won’t eat anything else.