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Carrots are nature’s toothbrush. Rugani Carrots

Carrots are nature’s toothbrush.

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To keep our teeth and gums healthy we need to eat nutritious foods containing the right vitamins and minerals. To ensure your teeth and gums are healthy you need to fight plaque on a daily basis.


We believe in people

We understand people are the life of any business. We work hard to motivate and empower people through continuous skills development and have a close bond with all our employees.

We are legacy driven

We started Greenway Farms and believe we are stewards of a legacy. Our carrots are not just here for today. They will be keeping generations of South Africans healthy for years to come.

We believe in excellence

Everything at Greenway Farms is built to last, including our relationships. We strive for excellence through innovative technologies and keep pushing to make things better for our people and our customers.