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Carrots Aid Stroke Prevention.

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According to Multiple Studies Carrots Aid Stroke Prevention Carrots Aid Stroke Prevention. Multiple research studies have found that the consumption of carrots reduces the risk of stroke. In one of the Harvard studies, 90 000 female nurses participated over eight years in a research project. Researchers found that stroke risk was reduced by 68% when […]

Rugani Carrot Juice Smoothie

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Carrot juice Smoothie Erendea Rugani has conjured up a quick and easy smoothie recipe that can be whipped up in seconds! It only requires 3 ingredients!!! 330 ml Rugani Carrot Juice 1 Frozen banana 3 tablespoons of yogurt of your choice (fruit salad works well) Put in blender, blend away! Enjoy!!!! Visit our Facebook Page […]

Carrot Juice reduces DNA damage in smokers.

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Research Confirms Carrot Juice reduces DNA Damage in Smokers A study was conducted through the collaboration of various universities in Korea to establish whether daily carrot juice supplementation to smokers would protect against DNA damage. What happens with DNA damage, is that a change in the chemical structure of DNA results. More specifically in this […]


Kyknet programme about Rugani Carrots

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Greenway Farms & Rugani Carrots on kykNET’s MegaBoere On the 29th of March at 8 pm, the team from Megaboere screened a programme about Greenway Farms and Rugani Carrots on Kyknet, DStv channel 144. For those who missed it, Here is a little taster of what happened! For everyone who is interested in our 100% Carrot […]

What is different about Rugani carrot juice,

So what is so different about Rugani Carrot Juice?

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There is considerable ignorance concerning what makes the difference when it comes to juice.  It is the intention of this article to clarify what makes a good –or bad- juice.  The principles that govern quality are simple.  However, much confusion shrouds this simplicity in order to mask cheaper and inferior products.  I hope that once […]