Carrots are nature’s toothbrush.

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Carrots are nature’s toothbrush. Rugani Carrots

To keep our teeth and gums healthy we need to eat nutritious foods containing the right vitamins and minerals. To ensure your teeth and gums are healthy you need to fight plaque on a daily basis.

Plaque – the plague of healthy teeth and gums
So what is plaque? Plaque is a mass of bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth. It appears as a white/pale yellow layer that is commonly found between the teeth. This bacterial build-up feeds on sugar – which is in many of the foods we eat, including starches which eventually break and we are unaware that many food we eat contain sugar. The more sugar you consume throughout the day, the more plaque builds up on our teeth. As the bacteria feeds, it produces acid and causes inflammation in the gums. Removal of plaque is essential as it gives rise to tooth decan and periodontal diseases (gum diseases).

Rugani Carrots from Greenway Farms, Africa’s favourite carrotCarrots are nature’s toothbrush
Carrots keep your teeth healthy and are one of the great cavity-fighting vegetables. Carrots contain keratins which, research has confirmed, prevents dental decay. Carrots also act as natural abrasives. Crunchy veggies, like carrots, help clean your teeth. This makes carrots an excellent snack between meals and brushing. When combined with your saliva, carrots help to wash away stain-causing bacteria and food particles. Carrots are also healthy for your animal’s oral health. There are many products on the market for animals in the form of chewable sticks which all contain carrot nutrients.

Foods to limit for dental health
To keep your teeth healthy and white, avoid coffee, red sodas and wine. Dark teas and sports drinks are also guilty culprits when it comes to teeth stains. When drinking these offending beverages, sip consciously, and never strain the liquid through your teeth. Be sure to drink juices like cranberry and grape, and dark sodas through straws to prevent contact with your teeth.

Combine crunch with calcium
Remember two words – crunch and calcium – when looking for ways to limit tooth decay. Healthy, crunchy food- like carrot sticks and apples keep plaque from building up on teeth while a good portion of calcium will help strengthen them. Try and combat the acids in citrus fruits and tomatoes, by eating them with foods that reduce the effect of the acids they contain.
The healthy, tooth and gum friendly snack you can NEVER go wrong with: A carrot and a glass of milk. Try it today!


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