Taste the Greenway’s difference

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Taste the Greenway farms difference

Greenway carrot farms works hard to produce the very best carrots in South Africa. So it’s not surprising they do things differently to many of the other farms out there. The Greenway difference comes from a very deep belief that productive workers are well-paid workers and from a happy workforce comes abundance both in quantity and quality.

Sowing the seeds of success
At Greenway Farms, a carrot is not a mere vegetable, it’s a vegetable they’re extremely passionate about. Their dedicated staff work around the clock, preparing the lands and getting them to the best possible standards before the seed is even sown. They are committed to promoting the micro life in the soils and do everything possible to protect the micro fauna and flora. They even develop their own compost to ensure their carrots are nurtured in the ‘green’ way to ensure the very best nutritional results.

The best carrots deserve a rest
Carrots work on a three-year cycle. For six months the land produces carrots, the remaining 30 months, Greenway rehabilitates the land to improve the soil. Part of this rehabilitation process consists of grass crops.

Rehabilitation is a ‘rest phase’ where non cash crops and natural vegetation like mustard and barley are planted to allow the micro life in the soil, as well as the structure of the soil, to be repaired back to its natural state – giving the carrots the best possible start in life when they are planted.

Growing wheat is a good alternative rotation for carrots but Greenway Farms only plants 250 hectares of their farm with wheat in order to preserve precious resources like water.

Guaranteeing quality every day of the year
To ensure South Africa enjoys a constant supply of quality carrots, carrots are planted every week of the year. A carrot seed is planted approximately 1cm below the surface and approximately 3cm apart. They are then irrigated, fertilized and nurtured for 6 months into maturity.

The importance of the golden hour
To guarantee the freshness of their carrots, Greenway applies a philosophy called the “golden hour”. This is a philosophy Greenway Farms live by. The Golden Hour is the critical first hour of initial cooling after the carrots have been harvested. Once the carrots are harvested they are sent to the pack-house where they are sent through the washing, brushing and sorting process.

Here the carrots are force cooled with water to just above freezing. A carrot is a highly perishable fresh product with high nutritional value, this makes the cold chain very important to ensure the carrot stays fresher for longer and ensures none of it’s nutritional value is lost.

The carrots are then graded according to their quality and packaged into the necessary packaging to ensure consumers get the best quality their money can buy. Once each carrot has gone through the full process, they are dispatched within 24 hours.

Carrots for South Africa
Rugani carrots are then distributed to national markets and wholesalers across South Africa as well as neighbouring countries. In fact over 40% of the carrots produced (and eaten) in South Africa are Rugani Carrots. So what sets Greenway carrot farm apart? Simply the energy they put into growing the best carrots on the market, keeping to the golden hour and never breaking the cold chain. All this makes it possible for Greenway Farms to give you South Africa’s favourite carrots.


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